Cash Flow Creation

“One of the fastest ways to get wealthy is to get your money back from those who are taking it from you!” – BNB | Course 1 of 3 from Income Shifter Experience.

Generate Income

For most people, a “cost of living” raise is NOT enough! A “second job” is NOT the answer. Going “back to school” is NOT an option! The good news is changing does not ONLY come from the outside. It’s time to bring it from “WITHIN YOU!”

Multiply Your Money

People often brag about “how much money they make working.” There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in making an honest living, but there’s another “level to labor!”.

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From Network Marketing to increasing your sales in any industry, try these multi-course classes today and save on the bundle.

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Results achieved with these programs. You can join them.

It’s been such a pleasure working with Brian. He is truly an inspiring leader that is focused on results and your total success.

Sonja Williams

Through Brian N. Beane programs, I’ve been able to clearly define my path forward, understand my next level and increase my income.

Jon Fant

Brian’s hands-on approach and real-life lessons totally hit home for me. I recommend not only the online courses but the events as well.

Cynthia Thomas


Brian N. Beane, a professional coach, trainer, and speaker dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through personal growth, financial literacy, and business.

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