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As a baby, happiness was easy to define. Just “feed me, burp me, change me, play with me and put me to sleep.” Why is it that, as an adult, happiness has to be searched for? Just “travel with me, pay me, love me, and entertain me” right? We wish. It’s time to not only get down to the root of why the happiness chase is still ongoing, but discover the immediate steps to fix them!


Happiness is the place where we as children and then adults aim to live.

As life happens, being happy seems to get lost to some and to others, it feels like a thief in the night and almost impossible to find. This course enables you to control and level set how you think about things. And how what you think ultimately affects your happiness and that of other people who are around you. Let’s face it! It is impossible to control what happens to us or control what other people do or say when they are around us. Without even know it, as people, we often need fundamental principles to guide us.

To set the tone and basis for what affects our lives and how we react to it. While no one literally focuses on being unhappy, it is always there lurking. Through this course, Brian N. Beane takes you on a journey to understand how we internalize happiness, how other people affect our happiness and how things that happen to us affect our total being. You’ll gain an understanding of these fundamental principles and learn how to apply them to increase your own happiness. You will learn how to incorporate these into your daily life as life begins to challenge you ultimately changing your mental mood. The moments we create truly define our lives. And to be happy is to be defined by those instances in life that makes us happy.

Don’t wait. Now is the time to learn how the universe can be a teacher when it challenges us in our daily lives. Take this first step and gift yourself this Brian N. Beane’s Happiness course. Being unhappy does not have to be your final destination versus a journey for you to learn to advance your level of thinking to create the happiness you deserve.

Course Curriculum

Where Did It Go?
It Is Not Automatic FREE 00:04:00
It Took Me 40 Years to Realize This 00:04:00
Stop Wearing Band Aids 00:04:00
Stop Treating the Symptoms 00:05:00
Organization Over Chaos 00:04:00
Make Yourself Whole 00:04:00
No Nagging 00:03:00
2 Final Tips 00:04:00
Heading in the Happy Direction
The Start of Going Within 00:04:00
Intro to Finding Happiness 00:03:00
The Power of IDE 00:04:00
What I Decided To Kill 00:05:00
Taking Your Foot Off The Gas FREE 00:03:00
Where Does Happiness Derive 00:05:00
Your Measuring Stick 00:03:00
Be Grateful For Small Things 00:04:00
Your Spirit Is Using You 00:03:00
Let’s Get It Started
Intro the Recap 00:06:00
Recap: Peace Up In Here 00:04:00
Recap: Strut Past Their Ass 00:04:00
Recap: Expect More 00:05:00
Start Getting It 00:03:00
2 More Initial Steps FREE 00:06:00
Stop Adding 00:02:00
Don’t Damage Your Own Energy 00:02:00
Must You FB Everything 00:03:00
2 Final Happiness Steps 00:03:00
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