Income Shifter Experience • 3 Course Program


Income Shifter Experience is the ultimate course to assist in mastering cash flow, multiplying money and generating income.


Why Income Shifter Experience?

Income Shifter Experience is a new interactive program from expert personal development coach, trainer, and speaker, Brian N. Beane. In this powerful 3-part course series, Brian guides you through understanding 3 basic wealth principles: Create, Grow, Multiply!

The program not only provides step-by-step directions, but also enables you to understand the thought process necessary to improve your financial situation and ultimately your net worth. Take it from the guy who earned a million in early 20s, lost a million by his late 20s, and recovered in his 30s.

The Income Shifter Experience keeps you from making the same mistakes. Making money is one thing, but Brian builds narratives to help you overcome falling back into the same traps that can keep you from Creating Cash Flow, Generating Income, and Multiplying Your Money!

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Income Shifter Experience, 3 Course Program is bundled with:

Course 1: Cash Flow Creation

The first course, Cash Flow Creation teaches you the initial steps to creating wealth. Most people try to “budget their way” to financial success by monitoring their expenses. That’s a start, but it’s only the beginning. It’s time to learn the importance of lowering taxes and eliminating debt using simple technique most never knew existed.

Let’s face it, learning the “tax game” can very difficult to understand. This is why Brian breaks it down in a manner that will benefit you in the shortest amount of time, while also achieving long term results.

You will also learn practical and sustainable ways to eliminate debt without feeling like you are depriving yourself of life experiences and rewards.

Income Shifter Experience: Course 1, Cash Flow Creation
Income Shifter Experience: Course 2: Generate Business Income

Course 2: Generate Business Income

Tasting a bit of financial success in course one was just a start. Generate Business Income, the second course in the Income Shifter Experience, teaches and inspires you to take control of your own destiny financially.

The good news is it requires no experience and lays out the groundwork for you to leverage the benefits of generating income from just an idea, passion or from a basic opportunity designed to empower your additional stream of income into your household.

The great news is it will stretch you out of your comfort zone because that’s where the true success lies.

Course 3: Multiply Your Income

Have you ever wondered why wealthy people create more than just one business? Why do they expand their portfolios when it seems their initial business was already a huge success? It is safe to say that finding ways to increase your earnings without doing more work is a bonafide way to generate wealth, while sustaining the success you already have.

Multiply Your Income will provide guiding principles on how to take advantage of what the wealthy already know. Brian offers fresh insight into how to take advantage of ways you can effortlessly multiply your money by breaking down the decision-making process.

Not only will you learn how to make informed investment decisions, but learn the terminology and perspective it takes to leave a legacy and create generational wealth.

Income Shifter Experience: Course 1, Course 3: Multiply Your Income


Brian N. Beane, a professional coach, trainer, and speaker dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through personal growth, financial literacy, and business.

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