P.A.Y.S. • Transformation

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P.A.Y.S. • Transformation

If you spend more time staring at your rearview mirror than looking through your windshield, then you are certain to crash. Believe it or not, most people are in fact “driving in reverse.”

They allow former partnerships, divorce, bad childhood memories, and previous setbacks to dictate their behavior moving forward.

The result is a past, present, and future that all look the same.

The Transformation Series will help you discover and release prior negative emotions, embrace setbacks, and celebrate the victories that lie ahead as a result of you making an intentional mental shift!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: It’s Time to Push Your Luck
Be Prepared Not Lucky 00:09:00
Add Vision and Remove Emotion 00:08:00
My Son Went Missing 00:07:00
Who Will You Make Wealthy FREE 00:06:00
Focus Pay Attention and Be Smart 00:05:00
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over 00:07:00
Past Doesn’t Dictate Future 00:09:00
Section 2: Faith Attitude and Belief
Build Your Faith 00:05:00
Get Deep Rooted FREE 00:05:00
Business is NOT for Everyone 00:05:00
Develop an Attitude 00:06:00
Father Time is Undefeated 00:06:00
Who Do You Believe In 00:05:00
Section 3: What Lies Beneath?
An Enemy Called Indecision 00:05:00
Tap Into Your Other Realm 00:07:00
Celebrate the Unknown 00:07:00
Increase Your Dream Circle FREE 00:05:00
Step Into Your Greatness 00:06:00
I Thought I Could Play 00:09:00
Handling Natural Tension 00:07:00
6 Steps to Financial Freedom 00:05:00
Section 4: Enjoy the Struggle
Finding Harmony 00:06:00
Why the Grass is Greener 00:05:00
Meet the Deceptive Majority FREE 00:09:00
Overcoming Negative Forces 00:06:00
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