P.A.Y.S. • Inspiration

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Learn To Go Within…Or Learn To Live Without

P.A.Y.S. • Inspiration

People usually seek books, documentaries, mp3s, videos and seminars to bring them motivation. The problem is they only gain short term satisfaction. This is because you cannot search for something on the “outside” to make you feel whole on the “inside.” Your success is not acquired.

Your success is generated; but only if you spark it from within. The Inspiration Series will eliminate some of your self-destructive behaviors, align you with universal success principles, and reconnect you with your plan and purpose.

Discover why the word “inspiration” begins with “IN.”

Course Curriculum

Section 1: 4 Ways to Build Inspiration
Operating at Genius Level 00:06:00
Living Up To Your Full Potential 00:08:00
We are NOT GOING, Period! FREE 00:06:00
2 Of the 4 Things People Avoid 00:08:00
Be an Authority 00:06:00
Have a Strategy 00:05:00
Section 2: 4 Steps to Fulfill Your Plan & HIS Purpose
Having Fun with NO 00:07:00
Attracting Your Goals & Dreams 00:06:00
Success is Your Birth Right 00:05:00
Choose Commitment Over Involvement FREE 00:05:00
Giving Your Very Best 00:02:00
Section 3: The Quitting Clock
Choose to Evolve Not Dissolve 00:08:00
There’s Only One Tense 00:06:00
The 1st Quarter 00:07:00
Don’t Speed Up Your Own Clock FREE 00:07:00
You Lead Others Follow 00:10:00
The Final Hurdle 00:09:00
Section 4: Control Your Thoughts and Emotions
My Old School Transition 00:03:00
Your Life is a Story 00:05:00
You Gotta be Tough FREE 00:03:00
The Ultimate Success Formula 00:03:00
The Salt and Ice Challenge 00:09:00
Redemption 00:05:00
Don’t Confuse the 2 00:02:00
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