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Sales Training

Where Your Outcomes is Income...

Mr. Beane’s world-class sales frameworks have increased revenues ranging from personal clients to network marketing organizations to major corporations such as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, The Social Security Administration, Communicorp (An Aflac Insurance Division) and much more. Most trainers spend 100% of their time teaching audiences and sales forces technique; however, Mr. Beane’s success over the past 20 years derives from his ability to teach posture as well.





Unlock Your True Potential

The success of the BNB brand is ultimately a result of the team of professionals he has surrounded himself with over the years. Everyone on the team from the developers to the web designers, to the graphic artists to the videographers, to the affiliates believe in one philosophy: “Know Your Role!” This philosophy allows the “BNB Team” to offer services to clients in the areas of marketing, online sales funnels, branding, social media mastery, viral campaigning, and MUCH MORE!




Speakers Training

Your story belongs to you, but your message belongs to the world!

Mr. Beane’s credits his ability to take personal and professional experiences and turn them into multi-million dollar keynote to his “gift from God.” His ability to teach you how to gain the confidence necessary to share your story from the stage is his gift to you. Whether he is being hired by a corporation to speak from his digital catalog of over 30 keynotes or training attendees from all over the world to become speakers, your thoughts plus words multiplied by Mr. Beane’s guidance equal the “gift’s that keep on giving!




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Brian N. Beane, a professional coach, trainer, and speaker dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through personal growth, financial literacy, and business.

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