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Extra Digit's Fast Track To AD & Above

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Extra Digit’s Fast Track to AD & Above

The Fast Track to AD and Above provides step by step roadmaps that lead DIRECTLY to your rank advancement. Mr. Beane also provides the video content necessary to guide you through subject matters seldom taught in the MLM industry! For example, How Do You Host a Profit Party? How do you drive a leg? How do you develop the mindset of a professional and so much more!!

Course Curriculum

3 Things Cause Growth 00:35:00
Leadership 00:42:00
Create. Sustain. Advance. 00:00:31
Term and Perspective 00:34:00
Committment 00:45:00
The Power of Being Laser Focused 00:02:00
What Does It Take To Get Rich 00:03:00
How to Become One HELLUVA Success Story 00:04:00
How To Find Happiness at Work On The Job 00:02:00
Get Mad 00:20:00
1. Complainers 00:27:00
2. Drainers 00:25:00
3. Trainers 00:25:00
Start Your Engines 00:31:00
Mastering 8 MLM Basics 00:26:00
Strategic Enrollment 00:17:00
Flooding Your Production Pipeline 00:15:00
The Art Of Having Fun and Piquing Interest 00:22:00
How to Edify Conduct 3-way Calls 00:16:00
How to Host A Profit Party 00:22:00
Roadmap To ND 00:20:00
Emotions and Edification 00:42:00
Bases Loaded 00:37:00
Creating A Culture 00:58:00
Getting Your New ED a Triple Double 00:35:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Fire training


    I have learned a lot from the training that Brian beane has provided inside of this platform. I can really see the way the system of changing your mindset in the beginning can really help the team grow. I really and truly thank you for sharing this training with me and my whole team. I will see you at the top an the beaches of the world.

  2. Practical with No Fluff


    Brian delivers practical training with no fluff or theory. He provides step by step instructions from proven experience.

  3. Feedback


    no words necessary. great mindset training that everyone needs to continue developing self and others.



    Thank you so much for this training! Best training I’ve had and I have paid for many trainings and was never provided so much value. Ready to put this into action!!

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