MLM Mastery • Ammunition

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MLM Mastery Ammunition

Becoming a Top Producer in the MLM Industry does take a certain skill set; however, those skills require the proper mindset.

First, you must learn the “laws that have governed” this billion dollar industry for over 60 years. Second, you have to arm yourself with the tools to change your traditional thinking.

Finally, you have to use those same tools to go over, under and through everything in your way.

The Ammunition Series is your “toolbox!”

This course is bundled with MLM Mastery.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Focus Commitment and Concentration
Become Allergic to Broke 00:04:00
The Intro to Focus 00:05:00
Stop Tip Toeing 00:05:00
The Wedding Crasher FREE 00:05:00
No Breaks For Entrepreneurs 00:06:00
Most People Are Still Where They Are 00:05:00
Get Through It 00:03:00
Section 2: The Goal is Home
Tap Into Your Spirituality 00:05:00
The 4 Fs 00:06:00
Have Situational Awareness 00:07:00
What is the Universe Telling You 00:05:00
Have Energy and Duplication 00:08:00
Power and Repetition 00:09:00
Mastering the Basics FREE 00:07:00
Attack and Defend at the Same Time 00:08:00
Section 3: The Qualities of a Champion
Now Oclock 00:04:00
The Games are Free 00:06:00
Become A Visionary 00:05:00
Who Are You Off Stage 00:03:00
I Did What I Had To Do FREE 00:05:00
Section 4: My Real Road to Success
Toughen Up 00:04:00
Everything Cant Be Yes FREE 00:04:00
There’s Some Water on the Boat 00:07:00
I Spy 00:07:00
Let’s Fight 00:08:00
The Break In 00:04:00
Behind the Scenes 00:06:00
Whats So Hard About Doing Right 00:05:00
Go Collect No’s 00:08:00
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