MLM Mastery • Organization

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MLM Mastery Organization

When you get started as a networker, you will spend 100% of your time focusing on your individual efforts.

You only have 3 words in mind: RECRUIT, RECRUIT, and RECRUIT! The challenges, however, begin when bring that same individuality to your organization and ignore the fact that everyone must now work together in order to grow.

You must learn the rules to abide by, the importance of teamwork, the significance of a culture, and the proper usage of events to go from a beginner to legendary status.

The MLM Mastery • Organization Series is the key to taking that one GIANT STEP forward to becoming a professional.

This course is bundled with MLM Mastery.

Course Curriculum

The S.E.A.L. Philosophy
Intro FREE 00:05:00
Hell Week 00:04:00
Ready To Quit Yet? 00:06:00
We Are Not Warriors 00:05:00
It’s Bigger Than You 00:04:00
Life is an Event
Intro 00:05:00
Gain Exposure 00:08:00
Learn To Exchange FREE 00:05:00
Hang With The Experts 00:03:00
Two More Steps 00:09:00
Rules of Engagement
Introduction to the Rules 00:08:00
We Don’t Cooperate 00:06:00
We Never Go Public 00:05:00
Deal and Die 00:07:00
You Cannot Whack The Boss 00:10:00
Never Whack a Made Man FREE 00:11:00
Creating a Culture: Using Macro Systems
What is the Macro System? 00:06:00
Systems Create Success 00:05:00
Increasing Your Show up Ratio 00:05:00
Presentation Etiquette 00:07:00
Small Things Add Up 00:10:00
Closing Your Guests Properly 00:05:00
Never Ever Ever At the Close Part 1 FREE 00:07:00
Never Ever Ever At the Close Part 2 00:05:00
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