Income Shifter Experience • Part 3 • Multiply Your Money

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People often brag about “how much money they make working.” There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in making an honest living, but there’s another “level to labor!” Level 2 is how much money are you making by NOT working?

Multiply Your Money

NOTE: Multiply Your Money course requires that you take Income Shifter Course 1 (Cash Flow Creation) and Course 2 (Generate Business Income). Get all three courses for only $297. Click here.

It’s time to clear up some serious myths and misconceptions about money.  For example, have you ever heard your parents say, “you should work for every time you make?”  The truth is money actually does a better job working than any of us ever will.  Money does not “get sick, take a break, get tired, get an attitude, get sleepy, or go on vacation.”  The only thing money knows how to do is WORK!

Think about it!  Nike, Amazon, and Walmart “put your money to work” and made billions. Apple “put your money to work” and became the 1st trillion dollar company.  The question is do you know how to make YOUR money work for you instead of working for others?

The key to your financial freedom is your ability to incorporate ONE WORD into your daily routine: Assets!  Multiplying Your Money will introduce you to the mindset shift necessary to stop “working for every dime,” and own assets that generate dollars.  A 4%-8% return on your 401K is incredible; however, this course opens your eyes and investment account to the 400%-800% return that you deserve!

Multiplying Your Money is the 3rd of a 3 Part Series under the Income Shifting Experience!  Also included are:  Cash Flow Creation (Part 1) and Generating Business Income (Part 2)!

Course Curriculum

Buy Assets
Mindset of Wholesale Investing 00:10:00
Using the 8th Wonder of the World 00:19:00
4 Forms of Taxation 00:05:00
You Can’t Get Rich at the Bank (Cash Equivalent) 00:11:00
The “Borrowing Business” (Bonds) 00:06:00
The 6 Figure Stock Symbol (Stocks Part 1) 00:10:00
A Real Estate Comparison (Stocks Part 2) 00:10:00
The BEST Investment is YOU (Real Assets) 00:05:00
Building Assets
Intro – Best Return on Investment (ROI) 00:05:00
Evaluating Opportunities & Companies 00:10:00
Revealing the Bankers Secret (Rule 72) 00:13:00
Creating Assets
6 Steps to Financial Freedom 00:11:00
The Importance of Asset Allocation 00:12:00
Building Your Brand Online 00:15:00

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