Always Keep & Take Pride!

How You To Anything Is How You Do Everything

I don’t know why people get a kick out of seeing me do household chores lol. Last month, it was “doing dishes in the kitchen!” #Humility This month, I’m “cleaning up the back yard” or as my videographer stated so eloquently….”Brian are you picking up ISH?” lol Yes, this moment was TOTALLY impromptu as we filmed for another segment, but I figured what the hell. Let’s keep the camera rolling! #ShakingMyHead

What followed was an afterthought. If I do not clean up the backyard NOW, ISH will only “build up.” If I do not clean up the backyard NOW, I will have to watch EVERY STEP to avoid ISH. If I do not clean up my backyard NOW, then WHO WILL?

The reality is this….”if everyone just cleaned up their own backyard, then the entire neighborhood would be clean!” By now you know I’m not writing a blog on the importance of picking up poop lol #ComeOnGuys

I’m referring to the mentality it takes for you to:

1) Stop waiting on others to do anything for you!
2) Stop having to much pride to get “down and dirty” on your road to success!
3) Start having pride in any and everything that you own!
4) Start having the NOW mentality it takes accelerating in area of your life!

Start these “2 stops” and apply these “2 starts” (think about that line for a second lol) and watch that happens in small areas of your life first; hence my backyard pooper scooper. Then note the huge impact these “2 stops and 2 starts” have in your personal and professional lives as the universe begins to respond to your renewed sense of “direction!” What are 2 things you need to stop as of this moment? What are 2 things you need to start? – BNB

June 21, 2019


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