Why Pay For Free Things

Ladies, repeat after me, "I am enough!
Why Pay For Free Things
Why Pay For Free Things

Two quick questions:

  1. Do you remember Lil Kim? That’s her on the right!
  2. What was wrong with Lil Kim? That’s also her on the left! Why do beautiful women make things WORSE in an attempt to make things “better.”

Repeat after me…Ok that may be a bit much, but pay attention:

  1. “I am are unique!”
  2. “I cannot be duplicated!”
  3. “I am the Queen of the universe!”
  4. “I represent our origin!” (Nothing exist without Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters Daughters, Aunts)
  5. “Even my imperfections are perfect!”

So why are you altering the essence of who you are by spending money to fit society’s ideas of beauty? Who created those definitions anyway? In fact, who wrote that book? Let me guess, “People? Vogue? Vanity Fair?” Don’t get me wrong. Being obsessive about working out is one thing; but the result of that discipline is just as internal. “Paying” for your results may bring the external “oohhhs and ahhhhs,” but that’s like putting a Band Aid on an open artery. It stops absolutely nothing!

None of us see “perfection” when we look in the mirror, but we dont see perfection after these “expensive alterations either.” – BNB #IMH

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July 31, 2019


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