An Ode To The North

An Ode To The North
An Ode To The North

I’m not really sure where this pic was taken, but I just wanted to take some time to shout out to one of my favorite cities….NNNNNEWWWW YOOOORRRKKKK!!

I am a “GA Boy” born and raised, but come one now…tell the truth. When Alicia Keys and Jay-Z came together to sing “Frrrroommmm Newwwww Yooorrrrkkkkk…concrete jungle where dddrreaammsss are made ooffffff…..there’s nothing you can’t ddddddooooo….” Don’t act like you can’t feel itJ!!! You may mentally translate it to your own hometown, but screaming “Clllleeeevveeelannndd or Deeeetttrrrooiittttt where dreams are made of” just isn’t the same lol.

Even when I meet people from New York, the pride they have in representing their borough within the first 5 minutes of their introduction cracks me up. You may ask, “What’s your name?” Their reply, “Brooklyn son! Oh, I mean Marcus sorry!” lol Whenever I speak and take volunteers from the audience on to the stage, there’s always a New Yorker running up for the challenge. I take a deep breath, and say to myself, “this is going to go really good or really bad!” lol

I even dated a young lady from New York, and just ONE of her strides a.k.a. steps equated to 3 of mine. She kept looking back at me like “KEEP UP BB!” I just couldn’t hang man. My reply, “Go ahead, I’ll catch you on the next Ave, I mean block, I mean Ave!” lol

You ever visited NY, and asked a native for directions? “Excuse me sir, where’s the Statue of Liberty?”….”LISTEN, TAKE THE 2 to the 3 and HOP ON THE EXPRESS to the FERRY of off the E!” ….”Wait but sir, I’m not from NY. Is the 2 on the subway?” lol At the moment, you quickly figure out that he does NOT have time to repeat himself. I love it! You learn just to do the best you can with the little raggedy ass map you have while the natives “politely” tell you they don’t have much time lol.

It’s just a different world up there man. I remember going up 4 flights of steps and that was just to get to a friend’s kitchen. So let me get this straight, “you enter on level 1, eat on level 4, sleep on level 2, get dressed on level 3? And you paying $2000 per month to do it? Lol”

I remember being dumb enough to rent a car in NY. I parked and the parking attendant didn’t even blink before he said, “That’ll be 58!”… which I replied with my southern accent….”DOLLARS?” lmao I knew right then, it’s a great place to visit, but ummmmm.

The bottom line is I don’t care how you slice it. From 2Pac to Biggie (Yes I coupled them). From Jay to Alicia. From Tyson to Hillary. From Min. Farrakkan to Diddy. From Spike to Denzel. From 50 to LL. Get it? All you have to do is mention a 1stor last name and greatness soon follows. I’m not even going to mention the birth of Hip Hop. That would sound too much like “right!”

Whether I get there by plane, train, or automobile to experience their ferry fees, subway turnstiles, tunnels, and bridge tolls, I have to go at least 2-3 times a year. I mean after all, where else can you go and meet such a unique, distinct, cultured, and diverse group of people with their heritage so deeply rooted in the South. Sorry, I had to bring it all back home. In the words of Jay-Z, “just thought I’d reeeeemmiinnnndd yall;).” No seriously, much love NY! #SuchisLife #WordUpSon #Pause #WhatsUpGod

March 18, 2019


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