Say them out loud!! FREEDOM – OPTIONS – CHOICES

These 3 words instantly triggered 1 of 2 emotions: Pleasure or Pain! The truth is the foundation in this great “land of ours” was supposedly rooted in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Well, why all the quotes BNB? Are you not happy in this nation? Have these 3 words not resonated with you? Are you not living the American dream Mr. BNB?

Answer: Of course I am, and I am grateful. The difference is through years of hard work, consistency, perseverance, and dedication I positioned myself to DESERVE the freedom, options, and choices this country provides. Here’s the catch 22:

As a child in grades K-12, you were taught so “study hard and go to college.” Not a bad idea. Then in your freshman-senior years, you were instructed to “get a good job.” Not a bad idea. Then as an adult, the country whispers “you should have owned a business!” Well, I chose to listen to the “whispers” and for that reason, I decided to spend the rest of my life teaching others how to obtain THE BIG THREE! #FOC

This begs the question, why aren’t these qualities a GIVEN? The “Founding Fathers” fought so hard to “break away” from British Control only implement the same control over its citizens. BNB are you militant? NO lol. I’m confused. Why are we taught to head in one direction, while “freedom, options, and choices reside” in another? The answer is simple: The country provides the opportunities, but you have to make the decisions. Below is a list of decisions I encourage you to make in order to give you the freedom, options, and choices you deserve:

  1. Decide to rid yourself of a scarcity mentality and replace it with abundance!
  2. Decide to make generating wealth a priority for yourself.
  3. Decide to give your unborn children, children, or grandchildren a financial head start
  4. Decide to avoid the negative suggestions of friends, relatives, and acquaintances on your journey to FOC!
  5. Decide to commit to the education necessary to create the NEW YOU which generates the new funds!

Begin here for a “fresh start:” (See “The Income Shifter Experience”)

February 8, 2019


Brian N. Beane, a professional coach, trainer, and speaker dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through personal growth, financial literacy, and business.

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