In case you were wondering lol Here’s the true story of me & Mekhi’s Road to Redemption a.k.a. “Leroy vs Billy Bob!” ????Here’s the “Short Story Long….I have coached my son Mekhi and a group of his friends (Lions) in Flag Football for the past 3-4 years now. From DAY ONE, I was told by another coach that there was a team that wins the Super Bowl EVVVVEEEERRRYYY year (Titans). Well you know me….that sounds like a challenge so THAT’s who we are going after!! lo

Season #1, we make it to the Super Bowl….we lose! My inexperience, rookie play calling, and their QB (OMG a beast) cost us the game. To this day I have not faced another opponent as quick as this kid lol #ShoutOutJohn. He still speaks to me to this day (as a visitor EVERY GAME) because of the respect I had for him. He even told his coach “if he every coaches he wants to dress like me????!” Ok sry I digress….lol???? But the reason this is important is because things are NEVER about “black vs white” with me. Yes! John is a “white 13-14 year old,” and I (a “black 42 year old man”) can laugh and joke with him without a care in the world! Isn’t this how life should be? John and I even texted each other on several Sundays during the NFL season and “talk trash and football.” We do not know each other from holes in the wall, but MUTUAL respect is what 2 people should seek. After that, a relationship is easy!

Anyway, I was like “MAAANNN these guys are GOOD!! Esp that QB…how in the world will my “rookie behind” beat this dynasty? ???? Weeeeeeellllppppp, Mekhi had a speed and GROWTH spurt lol THAT’s HOW!!????

Season #2, we make it to the Semi Finals (1 game before the SB). We are down by 3 with 30 seconds left on the clock and we DO NOT have possession. (For those who do not follow football, that means we are losing and the other team has the ball:( lmao So what happens….Mekhi catches a PICK 6!! (interception lol) We WIN BY 3 points to go face the current Champs, the TITANS!!:) YES…..but wait wait, the referee calls the play back because Mekhi’s shirt is “untucked.” Yep! We lose on a technicality! See in flag, the shirts must stay tucked in so that there’s nothing covering the flag. I get it, cool! But I tell the ref “ddduuurriiinnggg a live play with kids DIVING, RUNNING, JUMPING, etc a shirt may come out (during the play), and have to be RETUCKED before the NEXT snap!! How can you penalize him in a PLAYOFF game about a shirt that was initially tucked in before he scored the WINNING TD!!?” I said. His reply “Sorry coach, his shirt was untucked so no PICK 6!!” Mekhi was DEVASTED!???? No Superbowl for us in season #2. I told Mekhi “Don’t worry, we will tuck our jerseys into our damn DRAWERS and win the SB next year!! In fact, we will tuck the jersey into your socks!!” #LearningLesson

Season #3, we make it back to the Super Bowl and there’s my main man John (Titans) at QB:)!! We hug and talk trash as usual before the game…I shake all the coaches hands…laugh and say “WE MADE IT BACK FELLAS! Let’s have a great game!:)” In Summary, we were down by 6 with 60 seconds left! We have the ball this time lol ….My QB drives down to the goal line, and on the last play of the game, he throws an interception! He was DEVASTATED! He looked directly at me as I said to him “Jordan I would have thrown the SAME PASS!! Come give me a hug man!” GREAT GAME Titans!! I runover and congratulate the team and coaches….Season #3 is OVER, and I still do not have a Super Bowl!????

Season #4, hhhhheeerreesssss where the shit starts!! ???? We make it back to the SB!! Against who? Who else, but the mighty Titans!! We have grown, we have matured, and I’m DAMN SURE ready this year!! I tell all my boys and parents, “I guarantee you we will win this game! I GUARANTEE YOU! Write it down, take a picture….I don’t care lol” In summary, we are up 22-9 with 14minutes left in the game!! We are KILLING them. Momentum is ours! The ENERGY is ours!! The SB is ours!!! We are about to beat our arch rivals!! Hard work and patience pays off! Oh but “wait wait wait” says the saaammmeeee untucked shirt ref from 2 seasons ago!! “Coach Beane a few of your players don’t have mouth pieces in! They cannot play without mouthpieces.” I reply, we have played this WHOLE GAME and WHOLE SEASON like this!”???????? He makes me pull my guys out of the game and OFF THE FIELD. (Do you hear me? Are you listening?) While my boys RRRRUNNNN to the concession stand to purchase mouthpieces, the ref allows the other team so run an OPEN FIELD TD and score! Then a 2 point conversion and score!! YEP YEP YEP, 8 FREE POINTS!! lol (its funny now). From that point forward, my boys were mentally OUT OF IT!! DONE!! It took me 10 minutes just to get them to refocus and “overlook” the cheating a.k.a. “mouthpiece gate” as the fans annnnddddd the coaches from the other team CCCHHHHHEERRREEDDD as the Titans scored against NO DEFENSE lol (yep it’s funny now.) Khi was DEVASTED again and this time so was I. We gathered ourselves eventually, Khi scored a TD with 8 seconds left on the clock and we are down by ONE POINT! The extra pt is dropped in the end zone and we end up losing 35-34 on a dropped pass with literally 2 seconds left on the clock!

So what do I do? I decide to shake the Titans hands (yep)! I tell them “Great Game!” I gather my boys with tears falling down their faces and tears welped aaaalll the way UP in mine. I tell them, “We WILL BE BACK! There’s a lesson in this boys. Just give me time to figure out what it is!” I decide not to talk to the ref. I decide not to talk to the owners of the facility. I get in my car, we go out to eat, decompress, and I toss and turn aaaalllllllllll night LITERALLY! Why? I let my team down this time….ME!! I should have stood up IN THAT MOMENT for what was right!! I should have taken a stance IN THAT MOMENT for an appeal, a second opinion, a discussion, SOMETHING!! I should have told my boys to LEAVE THOSE “2nd Place” medals in the center of the field, we don’t want them! But nope, not me… “Mr. Optimistic”, “Mr. High Road”, “Mr. Positive”, “Mr. It’s Ok.” I literally WATCHED THE SUN come up the next day and did not sleep a wink. It’s easy to talk about what you “should have done in retrospect,” but in THAT MOMENT I tried to do what was right in front of Mekhi and the boys!

Guess what? They’ve seen enough of me “take the high road.” They seen enough of me “walking away.” They’ve seen enough of me “being ok.” Those days are OVER!! As of 5-25-17 (that last SuperBowl), we will DESTROY EVERY TEAM in front of us, and leave ZERO ROOM for the referee’s judgement & biasness! Meet the “NEW ME!!” I now “CONFRONT all of my Confrontations!!” As my assistant coach Shana would say, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you!????” #LetsGoSeason5

Season #5 – I’ve waited my “whole sports life” for this one!! We win game 1 with a score of 64-0. #GoodGameSteelers We win game 2 with a score of 54-8. #GoodGameCowboys!! Yep yep yep! We go UNDEFEATED, and guess who we face YET AGAIN in the “brrrawwwlllll for it all?” #LETSGGGGOOTITANS #MeetTheNewBB I tell Mekhi, “this game is for you and all the boys who LOST last season! We will NOT lose!!” My lesson from last season, “It’s ok to TAKE A STANCE fellas & fight for what you believe in!!” ???????????????????? #MixedEmotions

GAME ON! They score! We are losing 0-6!… We score 6-6!…They score 6-12!…We score 12-12..! WAIT WAIT WAIT, the scoreboard GLITCHES and the ref asks the other coach to “keep the score!” The old me says “ok no problem. We will just keep the score too on our end.” The new me takes over, “Oh HEEELLL NAW!! Nope nope nope HELL NO lol.” As you will hear in the video, “We not doing that again year.”

We score again!!! 12-18, and we are winning! We score again!! 12-24 and we are winning!! The scoreboard GLITCHES. I asked the ref to come fix it and FREEZE the game. The other coach, who kkkknnnooooowsss my name (5 seasons now) says, “Are you good with the scoreboard now LEROY!!?” (Yep, I’ve always been Coach Beane to him, and TODAY I am “Leroy!”) Now for my friends who maaaayyy not know this about certain names being thrown at you in a racial, stereotypical fashion…..wait I’ll get back to that later…

The damn OLD ME “pops back up” and says “take the high road BB!” (DAMN IT! I can’t shake this “old me!”) You’ll hear me say to them outloud in the video, “It’s ok, It’s ok, he’s losing. This is what happens when you lose!” But he took me there, and it was too late to return! I promised my team, my son, and MYSELF that we will “confront ANY confrontations this season!” Let me show him how it feels to be called out of your name…”Ol Billy Bob don’t like this shit!” (Yep! The NEW ME has arrived, and is alive and well!) “Ol Billy Bob don’t like this shit!”

They were getting whooped, and Coach Billy Bob CANNOT take it. I am paying attention to detail, and Coach Billy Bob CANNOT take it! I am NOT the same guy when you try to “stab me” and Coach Billy Bob CANNOT TAKE IT! So if you are so upset and CANNOT TAKE IT, “let’s TAKE IT to the parking lot!” Did I HOP the wall? YEP!! Did I lose my cool? NOPE!! It’s just the NEW ME that’s all. For those who refuse to understand this, when a person shows you their “true colors”…BELIEVE THEM. Take that however you want to take it. But DO NOT be surprised when those “TRUE COLORS” cause you to land FACE UP looking at “stars and rainbows.” I can show you come “colors” in that rainbow, I promise you I can….

Conclusion: We won! YEP YEP YEP!! 34-18!! We won the game. We won the war of words ,and I was ready to WIN THE FIGHT! Why? Sometimes you have to show people that the “high road” comes complete with caution signs. Sometimes you have to teach your children that it’s ok to STAND UP for yourself, and if that means “taking it there,” I did NOT start it! And sometimes you have to remind a racist that this is NOT the 1960s. So to anyone who may be saying to yourself (or in the comments), “Brian over reacted.” “This is not that serious.” “What about the kids?” “Sports is supposed to be fun.” They are fun, but ask Mohammad Ali and Colin Kap about the “lessons you can teach” at the same damn time!!

We did it Khi!! I promised and YOU delivered! Oh wait, did I tell you all that yesterday was NOT the Superbowl? Nope, that was game #3 of THIS SEASON lol So like the detective whispered Eddie Murphy when he was tied up in a safe/vault in Harlem Knights….”Hey Ray, I may see you again.” Eddie’s reply, “I know, but until then take sssllowww breaths. #SipSipSip ….because if you enhale deeeeppp, you a dead MF…..lmao #Redemption #WeDidItKhi #LeroyWins #GoLions

December 10, 2018


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