Whenever I speak at seminars, one of the points I stress is “life is not always about BIG decisions you make, but a combination of small decisions that lead you exactly where you are today!” I am living proof, not once but at least 3 generations over: I’ll prove it to you….
1) My mom gives me a cassette tape…yes I said a cassette tape:) #80sbaby. All I remember her saying was “This man’s name is Jim Rohn, and you should listen to him.” With my pre-teen state of mind I said to myself, “if my mom thinks I’m about to take out my SLICK RICK tape for some guy named Jim Rohn, she is sadly mistaking!” In fact, I turned up the volume on the player….”6 Minutes…6 Minutes…6 Minutes Dougie Fresh, you’re ON!!….EXCUSE ME DOUGIE…EXCUSE ME DOUGIE….No No No Na Na Na NO SHE (MOM) DIDN’T!!” Sorry, I’m having a moment here!!:) #lyrics

Anyway, I paid absolutely NO ATTENTION to the Jim Rohn cassette but something in my spirit told me not to completely disregard it. However, it sat in a shoe box for at least 3-4 years. Yes, YEARS!

2) Fast forward, I’m 15-16 years of age. Mom walks in, “Hey Brian here’s a lil book called ‘Quotes from Jim Rohn’, take a look at it when you get a minute.” I knew that the name rang a bell, but then it hit me…”THIS GUY AGAIN!!?” And this time she handed me the book while I was listening to “POISON” by Bell Biv Devoe. Yes, like you, I couldn’t believe it either!! “Mom you just can’t hand me lil book when my man Mike Biv is about to take it to the bridge!” lol She said, “BOY READ THIS BOOK AND HUSH!!” lol #slapwiththebook

3) I opened the book and read ONE QUOTE!!….then another quote….then another quote….until the book was finished. Now at 16, I had NO IDEA that I would be training and speaking and motivating like I am today, but this I know for sure: My mother planted a seed at 16, that didn’t blossom until I was 22! And guess what…by then I was a young entrepreneur #maybeitbossomedafterall

It gets better…I promised you I would take you 3 generations deep. Six years after “firing my boss” my son, Mekhi, was born at age 28. By now, I’m all into Jim Rohn quotes, Jim Rohn Books, Jim Rohn T-Shirts, Jim Rohn DVDs….I think I even owner a pair of Jim Rohn Drawers, but don’t miss the point here lol: I was able to reflect back on a Jim Rohn Quote “In order to reach your top shelf, you must stand on the books you read!!” The more I read the stronger I got, and the more “dangerous” I became as a trainer. But I had no idea that a book could shape my philosophies as a parent!!

By age 3, I was teaching my son simple philosophies he could understand. My son could barely talk, but I would say, “Mekhi the word CAN’T is not allowed to come out of your mouth:)” To this day he will catch himself and use our substitute, “Daddy I ca_’_…..Oops I mean, I need some help!” #substituteforcan’t.  I chuckle inside every time he stops himself because he doesn’t know that I planted that seed when he was just a baby. (See Mentor to Millions Vol 7 “The Politics of Language”)

My questions for you today are: What seeds do you have planted in the pit of your soul? Which seeds are you watering? Which seeds need to be sprayed with herbicides #killed? Which seeds do you need to pass on to your child? What’s keeping you from becoming the planter?

See my mother passes a book to me… it tells me to read more books….I pass the lessons to my son and he thinks he’s unstoppable lol. But let’s go a step further, Jim Rohn “passed” the book to my mother in the first place. I now pass this blog to you…What are you going to do with it? If nothing else, “plant it in someone else’s garden.”:)



This is where it all started:

December 10, 2018


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