Why I LOVE this Kind of Pie!

You DAMN right I do dishes!!:)

Why I LOVE this Kind of Pie!
Why I LOVE this Kind of Pie!

First things first, don’t laugh at my “dishwashing skills” because it’s hard to walk and chew gum at the same time on camera. And yes, I use the dishwasher for the small stuff, but you have to put “elbow grease” on your pots and pans:).

So now that that’s out the way, let’s talk about my favorite piece of pie…The Humble One! I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the EGO ruin the potential for greatness. The problem with the Ego, is that it’s the ONE THING that keeps you from “seeing yourself.”

I actually surprised someone the other day by openly discussing my “areas of improvement.” No wait, let’s be BLUNT! My flaws, weaknesses, shortcomings, misgivings and MORE!! lol They COULD NOT believe my transparency. They stated, “Brian you seem to have it all together. You help people get their lives together, yet you’re so open discussing your weaknesses!” #Wow My reply was simple, “How do you think I got here? lol By improving and constantly working on myself, I am able to help others. It never stops.”

One of the fastest ways to YOUR BEST LIFE, is getting out of your own way. Be “okay with eating humble pie and stop thinking you always have to serve it!” – BNB

April 29, 2019


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